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Vinyl tiles are flooring products that are made up of several layers that are pressed together to form the tiling product. It is an affordable flooring option that allows for endless design options. The top two layers of any vinyl flooring product are a printed layer, which is what makes the design that you visually see, and a protective layer. This flooring option is great for any room.


It also comes in two variations, flexible or rigid vinyl tile. The flexible option is less durable than the rigid option, but it is softer. Rigid vinyl flooring is hard and stable. It is also more durable and resistant to temperature variations. The type you choose may depend on several factors including the room it will be placed in, if it will see direct sunlight often, the amount of traffic it will encounter, and your budget.


Benefits of Vinyl Tiling



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At Quality Carpet + Restoration, we proudly provide beautiful and affordable vinyl tile to the Abilene, TX area. Our vinyl tile products come in a range of design options, and we carry both flexible and rigid tiles. Our knowledgeable sales staff are available to discuss your flooring needs and recommend one of our quality floors for sale. Visit our local flooring showroom to see all our flooring options!

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Tired of that old dining room floor? Upgrade to a stunning hardwood floor. We provide top grade hardwood installation services to fit your flooring needs. Want hardwood floors but have a difficult area to put it in? Try out our Engineered Hardwood flooring. Like solid hardwood, engineered hardwood floors are made from genuine wood, which gives your home the same appearance and feel, but unlike hardwood, the engineered variant offers more versatility. Engineered hardwood is made from a core of hardwood or plywood, with a layer of hardwood on the top. This makes it more moisture and heat resistant and gives homeowners more options in terms of where they install it.

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LVT Overview

Vinyl tile is the most cost-effective flooring option available to you that has the greatest versatility. This type of flooring can be set on your old flooring so that you can get back to enjoying your floor as soon as possible. Vinyl tile can mimic other types of flooring like wood and tile in order to give you the best look possible but without steep costs. It comes in different fits to match your floor space and is perfect for high-traffic areas because it is so durable. Contact us about our LVT to find out if this is the type of flooring that suits your needs.

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Quality Carpet + Restoration, LLC is our name and we don’t limit ourselves to just cleaning them. Our carpet pros are the best in the business with top marks all around. We take pride in our flooring services and especially carpet – it’s in our name! We have a large stock of carpets in-store to accommodate your needs and style. Come pick out a carpet from our store and let the carpet pros take it from there.

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