Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Abilene, TX

You vacuum and clean your carpets on a regular basis, but have you ever wondered how a professional carpet cleaning service can make a difference? A deep cleaning carpet service can help to remove surface stains, brighten the appearance of your carpeting, and make your home healthier. Carpet steam cleaning can help to control mold, bacteria and indoor allergens that could be trapped in your carpeting. Before you purchase new carpets for your home, consider having them deep cleaned by the residential carpet cleaning professionals at Quality Carpet + Restoration, LLC in Abilene, TX. Get in touch with our carpet cleaning company today to schedule a professional carpet cleaning service so we can help to keep your carpet looking new and in great shape.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning process starts with a prepping by vacuuming, spraying, spotting and grooming in order to maximize the cleaning that’s to come. We use a process called Hot Water Extraction that provides a deeper clean than our dry clean competitors. Hot Water Extraction works by giving a deeper clean through your carpet all the way to the base. It leaves the carpet damper than dry clean methods but is far cleaner. After our post grooming, we will do a cleaning inspection to make sure that your carpet is looking its best. Our carpet cleaning will remove allergens and the toughest of stains so that you can have the carpet that you bought in the beginning.